New paper accepted in Physical Review B – Light propagation in quasiperiodic dielectric multilayers separated by graphene

Our fifth paper of 2017 “Light propagation in quasiperiodic dielectric multilayers separated by graphene” has just been accepted for publication in Physical Review B. This is officially our most productive year so far.

In this publication we investigate photonic crystals, artificial materials whose dielectric properties can be tailored according to the stacking of its constituents. We employed a transfer matrix treatment to study the propagation of light waves in Fibonacci quasiperiodic dieletric multilayers with graphene embedded. We calculated their dispersion and transmission spectra in order to investigate the effects of the graphene monolayers and quasiperiodic disorder on the physical behavior of the system. Our numerical results show that the presence of graphene monolayers reduces the transmissivity on the whole range of frequency and induces a transmission gap in the low frequency region. This Graphene Induced Photonic Band Gap is omnidirectional, therefore light cannot propagate in this structures for frequencies lower than a certain value, whatever the incidence angle.

The manuscript is my first work in graphene photonics, and is a product of a collaboration with departmental colleague Prof. Claudionor Bezerra and his former postdoc Dr. Carlos Humberto Costa, now a faculty member at the Federal University of Ceará.

The accepted manuscript is available here. A free-access preprint version is available here.

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