Bachelor’s thesis defense: Fabrizio Giovanni Oliviero

Undergraduate student Fabrizio Giovanni Oliviero will present his Bachelor’s thesis today (01.12.2017) at 10:50 am, in the seminar room #1 of the Physics Department (DFTE).

The thesis, entitled “Electronic structure of carbon nanotubes”, employed analytical and numerical approaches to investigate the electronic structure of nanotubes within the tight-binding approximation. The recursive Green’s function method was implemented to obtain the electronic density of states, reproducing results from the 1990’s.

Everybody is welcome to the public defense.

UPDATE: Fabrizio’s thesis was approved by the examining committee. He will now pursue a Master’s degree under the supervision of Prof. Rodrigo G. Pereira at UFRN. Congratulations!

Prof. Rodrigo Pereira, Fabrizio, Prof. Dory Helio, Prof. Luiz Felipe Pereira

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